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About Us

Supporting the next generation of talent to power your business for today and the future

It's small businesses like yours that keep the world turning. 


We save you time and money by finding the right candidates - it's what we do!

allowing you to focus on what's really important - running your business. 


Our Mission

We know that the engineering & technology market is currently being driven by candidates and their subject choices. We also know that with age, there's a diminishing number of students and an under representation of women who wish to pursue a career in STEM.  As a result, we are suffering with a huge skills gap in the UK. 

With an increasing demand for engineers in the workplace and a limited supply of candidates, Engineering Futures was born with the ambition to help & support: 

Startups & Small Businesses - Low cost, fixed fee recruitment solutions to grow 

Students & Graduates - Inspire, educate and support candidates to pursue careers in STEM

100,000 engineers will be needed between now and 2020 to meet demand

We are proud to be STEM Ambassadors for the South East.  We are working with students, teachers, parents and various community groups in the UK to inspire and educate students the benefits and need of STEM learning and specialist careers to support our future. 

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Building a new pool of skilled candidates

With our growing number of candidates signing up to our STEM Talent Pool Network, we are able to support a wide range of industries who are seeking technical candidates to join their workforce. 

Our ambition is to bring students and employers together, by creating a unique and rewarding hiring experience through our platform and hiring methods.

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Join our STEM Talent Pool Network today to get inspired, feel motivated, find new career opportunities, improve your professional development and to gain career advice from our experienced and knowledgeable recruitment specialists.  

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