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AI & Robotics

Jobs in the artificial intelligence industry are expected to increase by 2.3 million positions by 2030, and according to a report produced by Capgemini's Digital Transformation Institute, 83% of companies that use AI technologies confirm that AI is already contributing to the creation of new job vacancies. 

At Engineering Futures, we want to prepare for the future, that's why we are focusing on AI & Robotics as a sector.  We want to provide for businesses that purely focus on AI and to ensure that we attract and identify the best candidates in the market.  

As a business, Engineering Futures is very forward thinking, thus our team of entrepreneurial specialists are constantly innovating strategies to engage and network with this up and coming industry to ensure we keep up with current trends and future developments to help our clients. 

We aim to focus on supporting start-ups, especially with the assistance of consultant support. 

Some role examples include:

Robotics Programmer 

Video Game Programmer 

Military AI 

Machine Learning Researcher 

Data Mining Analyst

Software Engineer


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