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What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are a way of combining working with studying.  During a typical apprenticeship you will work for a company and also study online or go to College to study a related subject.  You will be supported by an experienced member of staff who will teach you the hands-on skills you need. 

Not only will you been employed by a company and gaining the best work experience possible, but you will also get paid at least minimum National Minimum Wage at £3.70 an hour between the ages of 16-18 years.  You will still be able to get the University / College experience that everyone so desires, by studying for a qualification as well as getting paid.

By the end of your Apprenticeship, you'll hopefully have gained the skills and knowledge to have a full-time career with the company you work for with greater career progression prospects, making you more employable and wealthier than a fresh, inexperienced graduate. Or you can continue to progress to the next Apprenticeship level.

What you'll learn purely depends on the role that you're training for. However, majority of Apprenticeships enables you to gain a nationally-recognised qualification at the end of your Apprenticeship.   

These qualifications can include:

Functional Skills - GCSE in English, Maths & IT

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) - Level 2 to level 5

Technical Certificates - BTECH and City and Guild Award etc

Apprenticeship Breakdown

You will spend between one and six years doing on-the-job training in a certain profession while studying at a college or online

You will end up with both practical skills and a nationally-recognised qualification once it's finished

To apply you need to be 16 years old or turning 16 by the time your course is due to start

To apply you cannot be in full-time education and be apprentice at the same time

To apply you need certain work experience or qualifications (for more advanced apprenticeships)

Lots of apprenticeships guarantee you a job at the end of the scheme as well as being paid whilst an apprentice and get holiday pay

Apprenticeship Levels & Entry Requirements

Intermediate Apprenticeships

  • Equivalent to two to five good GCSE passes (A-C grade)
  • Need to be over 16 years old and no longer in full-time education

Advanced Apprenticeships

  • Equivalent to two A-Level passes
  • Asked for prior work experience and at least 2 A-Levels (A-C grade) or 2-9 GCSEs (A-C grade) or equivalent subject to employer requirements  

Higher Apprenticeships

  • Equivalent to the first stages of Higher Education, such as a Foundation Degree
  • Equivalent to a Foundation Degree, HNC and 5-9 GCSEs (A-C grade), and some Level 3 qualifications

Degree Apprenticeships

  • Comparable to a Bachelors or Masters degree
  • 3 A-Levels as well as 5-9 GCSEs (A-C grade) and prior work experience

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