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Save a Fortune in Recruitment Fees

We work on a fixed-fee basis to ensure no nasty fee surprises. Our fee structure is typically 50% lower than typical commission-based recruitment companies.

"No Poaching" of Staff Guaranteed

We are an ethical recruitment company you can trust. We treat our clients and candidates with respect, integrity and loyalty.

We Recruit the Best Talent for your Workforce

We source high-calibre candidates from the best schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK to ensure you build a strong workforce.

We Understand the Engineering Industry Sectors

Our specialist consultants are not only experts in recruiting but also have demonstrated knowledge & experience across various engineering disciplines.

FREE job vacancy advertising & promotion

Send us your job vacancy requirements and we will advertise them on our job boards & promote them at various career fairs across the UK for free.

We Support Our Next Generation of Engineers

We are actively working with schools, universities, trade bodies, colleges, companies and academy's to promote engineering to students across the UK.

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